Terms & Conditions

1. General information

Here are the general terms and conditions for purchasing products through Eppendorf Nordic.
By accessing Eppendorf Nordic’s website you accept our privacy police. You also accept that the use of our website may be monitored, tracked and recorded.
Any information given on Eppendorf Nordic’s website is for information purposes only. It is believed to be reliable and is subject to change without any prior notice. Products and services described may differ from time to time.
Eppendorf Nordic reserves the right to change without notice the data submitted at this homepage.
An order is only accepted by Eppendorf Nordic when an order confirmation including a delivery date has been sent to the Buyer.
Please notice that all purchases done at the Eppendorf Nordic eShop is handled under the Danish law and any legal disputes which may arise in connection with ordering at the eShop shall be settled at the Danish courts; Sø- og Handelsretten.

For commercial customers only. All prices VAT exclusive.

2. Price

All product prices are list prices and they are shown without VAT, import duties, freight and handling fees and can at any time be changed/ regulated by Eppendorf Nordic, without further notice.
The list prices are available in your local currency according to the selected country under your registration of your myEppendorf account. The local currency will be updated as a total price including VAT and freight at the end of the ordering process.

3. Freight (minimum order value)

Freight charges will apply for all orders below 1.000 EUR through the Eppendorf Nordic eShop.
All eShop orders with a value above 1.000 EUR will be shipped free of charge.
For orders not going through the eShop, there will be additional freight charges which may be issued according to a quote or the existing contract with Eppendorf.

4. Terms of payment

Danish and Finish customers will be invoiced by Eppendorf Nordic A/S and Swedish customers will be invoices by Eppendorf Nordic A/S, Sverige Filial. The invoices will be issued in your local currency DKK, SEK or EUR.
Invoices for Finnish customers are without VAT.
The payment will be due within 30 days from the invoice date, unless special agreement has been issued in a quotation from an Eppendorf product specialist in your country.
If an EAN number is entered instead of the CVR / VAT registration number under the invoicing details the invoice can be sent electronically.

5. Delivery and transportation

Delivery via the Eppendorf Nordic eShop is limited to the countries Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
When ordering from Eppendorf Nordic the transportation will be booked by our warehouses according to the weight and volume of the ordered items and shall be delivered for the account and risk of the Buyer (Ex works Hamburg/Nijmegen) unless other agreement is stated in your quote from Eppendorf Nordic.
All details concerning the delivery will be available in your order acknowledgement.

6. Cancellation

Please note, cancellation or changes cannot be made to an order once it has left our warehouse, until then, however, you may be able to modify your order. Your first step will be to contact Eppendorf Nordic Customer Support by sending an email to nordic_order@eppendorf.dk. Include your Order Notification Number and provide details on what you would like to change. An Eppendorf Nordic customer support representative will contact.
In the case of goods which are manufactured or acquired specific for your company a cancellation/ change of the order will be handled according to the contract/quotation and the product category.

7. Claims

Claim of shortage and/or damaged products must be noticed on the delivery note from the forwarder and claimed to Eppendorf Nordic within 7 days from receipt of the order.
Please do accept the shipment from the carrier and sign for the shipment as damaged/a shortage was found.
When contacting Eppendorf Nordic, to report the damage/shortage, please refer to your Order Confirmation Number.

8. Warranty

The warranty period depends on the specific product purchased. With the exception of the product groups listed in the following, a warranty period of 24 months from invoice date is granted for all Eppendorf brand products:

Products Group / Warranty months:
Freezers (excel. accessories) - 60 months
Manual pipettes - 36 months
epMotion incl. accessories - 12 months
Software - 12 months
Replacement parts - 12 months
Fermentors & Bioreactors - 12 months

Please note that the warranty does not apply for products, which has been damaged due to mishandling and improper use.
The Buyer shall lose the right to demand compensation for defects unless he notifies the Seller within 14 days after the defect was discovered and only within given warranty period for the product in question.
We refer to the warranty/service information on this homepage www.eppendorf.dk and the warranty papers received with the product at the time of purchase.
The Seller cannot be held liable for any consequential loss, loss of profits or any other indirect loss suffered by the Buyer as a result of delayed delivery or defects in the subject of sale. Nor can the Seller be held liable for other losses over and above the invoice amount exclusive of value-added tax.

9. Sample packs

Sample packs / test products are not available through the eShop. Please send your request via e-mail to nordic@eppendorf.dk.

10. Installation

Installation, demonstration and education are not incl. in the prices shown at this homepage but can be requested from Eppendorf Nordic. If a contract concerning installation, demonstration or education has already been issued, please refer to this with a remark when placing the order with Eppendorf.

11. Return, repair and service

For any service request, please contact Eppendorf Nordic at: nordic-service@eppendorf.dk.
Our service provider is Nordic Service Group. Their qualified and Eppendorf trained team of technicians and fully equipped workshop, supports equipment and instruments purchased from Eppendorf Nordic. They are dedicated to provide excellent technical service and customer care to ensure that all of our products are supported throughout their lifetime.
If for some reason other than defect or damaged product, the buyer should want to return their products to Eppendorf, please contact Nordic_order@eppendorf.dk prior to the return.
Eppendorf Nordic will charge a return fee of 15% of the net invoiced amount unless the product has a defect accepted by Eppendorf prior to the return.
Eppendorf Nordic will not accept any invoices in relation to transportation of return items. All returns have to be carried out on the purchasers account and risk only. Customized and build-to-order products are not returnable.

12. Product Liability

If the goods supplied by the Seller cause injury or damage to the Buyer or his belongings, or a third party or his belongings, the Seller shall compensate the Buyer for his loss subject to the limitation specified in subsection below. This includes indemnifying the Buyer for any claim brought against him by an injured third party, even if the injury or damage was not by the negligence of the Seller or anyone for whom he is responsible.
Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection above, the Seller cannot be held liable for damage caused to objects intended for commercial use, nor can the Seller under any circumstances be held liable for any consequential loss, loss of profits or other indirect loss suffered by the Buyer as a result of the supplied subject of sale being defective.
If the Buyer has contributed to the damage to the product through negligence or has failed to take reasonable precautions to limit the scope of damage, the Seller may, however, demand that the Buyer pays a proportion of the compensation which is commensurate with his conduct.
In the event of legal action being taken against the Seller or the Buyer with a claim for compensation based on the rules governing product liability, each party undertakes to let himself become involved in a pending case against the other party at the latter's request.

13. Force Majeure – Circumstances beyond the parties control

Circumstances which preclude any claim for compensation and postpone the delivery date and/or payment date exist when breach of contract is caused by an obstacle beyond the control of Eppendorf which we could not reasonable be expected to have taken into consideration or avoided at the time of entering into the contract, nor could the reasonable person be expected to have overcome.

For Danish and Finish customer:

Eppendorf Nordic A/S

Slotsmarken 12
DK-2970 Hørsholm

DK 26785464

Phone: +45 43 24 00 00

For Swedish customer only:

Eppendorf Nordic A/S, Sverige Filial
Gullbackegatan 10
SE-212 30 Malmö

SE 516411195601

Phone +45 46(8)222970