DASGIP® PhotoBioreactor

Image – DASGIP PhotoBioreactor DR03P
Image – DASGIP PhotoBioreactor DR03P

Phototrophic cultivations comprise a wide range of organisms using different types of chlorophyll. In combination with the Eppendorf DASGIP PBR4 module the DASGIP PhotoBioreactor enables illumination with selected wavelengths, ideally matched to the absorption maxima of relevant chlorophyll molecules. More information

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DASGIP PhotoBioreactors are designed specifically to take advantage of DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems in phototrophic cultivation applications.
Plant suspensions, algae and phototrophic bacteria can be grown under customized and variable lighting conditions. Making this possible are the integrated DASGIP LED Illumination Devices providing optimum light conditions for growth and photosynthesis. DASGIP PhotoBioreactors come in small and bench scale.


  • Industry-standard autoclavable bioreactors with working volumes of 350 mL – 1.0 L and 750 mL – 2.6 L
  • Direct overhead drives with 30 – 1,250 rpm (100 – 1,600 rpm optional), pitched-blade impellers
  • Industry-standard sensors available for precise monitoring and control of temperature, pH, DO, redox potential, level, and OD
  • Up to four DASGIP LED Illumination Devices integrated with emitted light spectra optimized to meet various photosynthesis requirements
  • DASGIP PBR4 Module allows for parallel illumination of up to four bioreactors with three individually controlled wavelength ranges
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour


  • Small and bench scale cultivation of plant cell suspensions
  • Biofuel and other applications using green or brown algae
  • Cultivation of phototrophic bacteria such as cyanobacteria or green sulfur bacteria

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