DASGIP® OD4 for Optical Density Monitoring

Image – DASGIP OD4
Image – DASGIP OD4

Whether done in research laboratories, in production or as part of quality assurance, optical density measurement permits conclusions on cell growth. Online monitoring with the Eppendorf DASGIP OD4 further allows integrated correlations to user–selected offline parameters. This saves valuable labor time and enables feedback control loops and automation. More information

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The DASGIP OD4 monitoring module is suitable for applications in cell culture and microbiology enabling parallel optical absorbance measurement in 4 bioreactors. Integrated correlations to offline parameters such as OD600 or cell dry weight (CDW) provide online cell growth information. The DASGIP OD4 module can be operated as a stand-alone module or be integrated into legacy control systems and historians.


  • Optical absorbance measurement in 4 bioreactors
  • Runs with industry standard sensors, various sensor sizes available
  • Integrated correlation to user-defined offline values
  • Can be operated as a stand-alone solution with EasyAccess Software
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour